Episode 1, Season 1

Internetboy: More Than Music

For the season premiere of our 'Mind the Method' series, we hang out with Nick Garver, also known as Internet Boy. He's a music producer that boldly blends the sounds of hip hop, r&b, and electronic to tell his own unique stories to his growing following. Internet Boy has produced for over a dozen different artists spanning from Cincinnati all the way to LA. When he's not invested in a collaboration, he spends his time working on his own creations and perfecting his craft.

Internet Boy feels music is the best medicine for any and everyone, especially for himself. Making music is his way to reflect on his life's moments; the good, the bad, and everything in between. He captures his experiences to connect to others, using his talents to help himself and everyone that listens. He shows us what it's like to be Internet Boy, from piecing together cute random beats to lyrically unraveling his jumbled mind. He's not afraid to be himself and as he grows as an artist, he wants his community, including you, to grow with him.

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