Episode 2, Season 1

Amari Eman: Music is Timeless

For the second episode of Mind the Method, Elijah Binford, also known as Amari Eman, welcomes us to Timeless Recording Studios, a state-of-the-art studio in the west side of Cincinnati that serves over dozens of artists for recording sessions, podcasts, and much more. He’s a full time music producer working with all types of talent in the area. A few of his specialties include crafting distinct sounds and mastering mixes, and we can’t forget his smooth skills with his saxophone.

Amari Eman shows us what it’s like to balance being a creative and being a professional in his blossoming music career. He takes the ups and downs with the same finesse, from industry placements to creative frustrations and everything in between. But no matter what, his focus is always on growth; in his creations, his skills, and his life. His grind for his passion is pushing him to create his own path to success and he’s always looking for awesome artists to create with.

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