Episode 3, Season 1

Leo Pastel: A Message Worth Writing

For the third episode of Mind the Method, Evan Ellis, also known as Leo Pastel, share his truths about growing as a songwriter. He's a talented artist with a keen eye for aesthetic visuals, from his fashion, to his artwork, to his photography, and everything in between. His soulful voice is delivered effortlessly on a wide range of tracks with artists spanning across the country, and his personal work is a reflection of his own tastes: incredibly diverse.

Leo Pastel is fairly new to his craft, but that hasn't stopped him from racking up over 60,000 plays in just a few months. With a new project on the way, he's determined to make his mark as an artist with something to say. He's not afraid to be vulnerable because his authenticity is what makes him one of a kind. Leo pastel will always deliver moving melodies with meaningful messages to match, and once he takes over Cincinnati, there's no telling where his future will take him.

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