Episode 4, Season 1

GrandAce: Music Manages My Life

It’s the fourth episode of Mind the Method and Jody Jones, also known as GrandAce, tells it like it is as a one man powerhouse. He writes, he produces, he raps, he sings, and he performs all while finishing up his senior year in college. This is only his third year in his music career and he’s already established a solid sound that fuses his mellow vibe with his expressive personality. His lively rhythms will make you move while his melodies speak to your soul.

GrandAce wants you to feel something when you listen to him. His music is his own self expression but he leaves room for others to relate with his message. Every new fan is a new friend that he wants to learn from and create with, and when he’s not immersed in his music, he’s surrounded by his music loving community. His brand is the epitome of true authenticity. GrandAce and Jody Jones are one and the same; what you hear in the music is what you see in real life, and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

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