Episode 5, Season 1

Dayo Gold: More in the Making

In the fifth episode of Mind the Method, Tre’on Johnson, also known as Dayo Gold, shares his highs and lows in his process of creating his upcoming EP, EPSM. Rapping for a little over two years now, Dayo has proven himself to be a clever lyricist with an engaging stage presence. With three solid projects under his belt, he has opened for Wyclef at OTR Live and at the University of Cincinnati’s Uptown West Fest that also hosted J.I.D. He’s a young spirit with an old soul, perfectly blending the sounds and flows of new age and old school hip hop. He works and raps full-time which is definitely a challenge in his growing career, but he won’t back down from a few late nights and early mornings; it’s all a part of the game and he’s the best player there is.

Dayo Gold has taken it upon himself to teach his listeners something new with the music he makes, which inspired his “Ask Ya Dad” mantra and father figure persona. He aims to bring people new knowledge and ideas while showing us what having a real grind is all about. He stresses the importance of securing your values and being true to yourself, and he never holds back when it comes to his art. His music is his life, and he’s prepared to give it everything he has until the very end. If you don’t know who Dayo Gold is by now, you better ask ya dad.

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