Episode 6, Season 1

TRIIIBE: Music is a Movement

For the season finale of Mind the Method, we get to know the story of a special group called Triiibe that’s making their name known across the city. Aziza Love, Siri Imani, and Pxvce (Peace) are three different individuals that share one common goal: make a positive impact on the community and the music within it. From coat drives, to urban gardening, to potlucks and meditation and fitness classes, these three have a genuine passion to help others and still find the time to release their latest album, III Am What III Am, and perform at multiple venues across the city and open for acts like Charlie Wilson and Boyz II Men at OTR Live.  

What makes them special is that it doesn’t matter if they operate as a unit or take on solo missions, their impact on the community is still felt at all levels in Cincinnati. If you look past the awards and media presence, you will find three down to earth people who use their creativity and determination to not only speak their truths, but help other speak theirs as well. Triiibe, which stands for True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Blvck (Black) Excellence, is a family and they want the community to be apart of it as well. Triiibe is sparking a revolution of improving our way of life through their work, music, and unmatched energy. Triiibe is a movement that was born in Cincinnati, but will one day be world-wide.

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