Episode 8, Season 2

pèRez: All Day, Every Day, Art

For this next episode of Mind of the Method, we tracked down a bustling artist by the name of Zach Johnson, also known as Pèrez. He’s making his own unique mark in the city of Cincinnati with music that directly reflects his life and experiences. Pèrez doesn’t want to be put into a box, but rather fuse his different influences of psychedelic, jazz, and trip hop music into projects that will reach the people who need it the most. He’s an innovative multi-talented artist with a top notch work ethic for his music, his art, and his vision.

When you think of an independent artist, Pèrez is a name that should come to mind. He’s self sufficient, resourceful, and has a wise mind that seems well beyond his age of only 20 years. He’s fully invested in himself and his art because creating it is what he does best. It’s what he lives for. There’s no greater feeling than having the meaning and purpose of your work be translated accurately and effectively for the people who are listening.

Pèrez knows what he wants as an independent artist and while he’s constantly grinding to get it, he reminds us that art is one of the most selfless and rewarding ways for expressing yourself, but it’s also not easy committing 90% of your time to doing it. He reminds us to stay humble and focused and to always have control over your art and your message.

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