Episode 9, Season 2

Brooklynn Rae: Music in the Marbles

We introduce to you a gentle soul with a lovely voice, Brooklynn Rae. Her soothing melodies invites a comfortable stillness while she bares her soul through her guitar. She pulls from her influences of soul, folk, and indie to create beautiful stories to share with the world; some from her personal life but many from the lives of others. It’s her ability to connect and express emotions and experiences outside of her own that help her be such a relatable and enjoyable artist.

It’s a moving experience to hear Brooklynn perform. Her messages are pure and her style of music creates her own niche within the music community that love and support her. She admits that it’s not always easy to grow as an artist; your patience gets tested and your confidence can rise and fall, day to day. But every experience is a chance to learn something, and Brooklynn has taken full advantage of her opportunities and has learned a lot about herself and her impact with her music.

Brooklynn shows us how anyone can grow in a supportive music community. Performing for others and speaking your truth doesn’t require a super outgoing personality or a mastery of all things music. All it takes is enough passion and courage to take that first step, and the rest will be history.

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