Episode 10, Season 2

Crunr: The Smooth Set Up

On this episode we learn a lot from Patrick, also known as Crunr. Yes, that’s right, say it with us: croo-ner. A crooner was known as (usually) a male singer with a soft, low style of singing back in the 1930s. Knowing this, Crunr embraces this epithet and has put his own creative touch to the smooth, suave, and sentimental style. Soul, R&B, and Jazz are just a few of his sources for inspirations along with his producer and friend who goes by the name of Jay Legato. With some singles and a completed album under his belt, Crunr is making his presence known in Cincinnati and beyond.

With only a little over a year of making music his career, his process is a unique component to his artistry. He’s careful in crafting his brand and creative voice while he experiments with strategies on collaborating and how to market himself. Crunr can come off as the quiet type, but he doesn’t hold back when it comes to putting meaning in his music. His experiences are the root of his poetic lyrics and he wants his music to not only heal himself but others as well.

Crunr knows that building a music career is hard work, but he has a solid team behind him that is up for the task. Networking with more artists and having more performances are just a few goals for this artist on the rise. He wants the world to know that he’s a self-made artist that’s serious about his craft, and he’s growing in the smoothest way possible.

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