Episode 11, Season 2

griffin Drew: It's Called INTERNETPOP

In this episode, we are introduced to a young singer and songwriter griffin drew*, who also goes by griff. At first glance, he’s a nice, fun loving guy but take a closer and you’ll discover an artist with a sound so unique it instantly locks you into a world called INTERNETPOP. griffin drew finds the essentials of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and other genres and fits them into his own mold that is a definite standout. INTERNETPOP is more than a genre; it’s a brand, a business, a team, and an experience. griff is only one of the 4 artists involved, along with two managers, a couple of interns, and a growing fanbase. INTERNETPOP aims to have a ripple effect on the music community by revealing the true potential of genuine artistic expression backed by supportive business plans. A strong bond holds this group of different individuals together, and their complementary styles create one common goal: make phenomenal music.

griffin drew takes his craft seriously. He keeps an open mind about his work and pushes himself to exceed expectations. He’s carving out his own space in a populated domain and is taking on the challenges of being an artist on the rise head first. His latest album, Lukewarm, shows his artistic depth and his ability to collaborate with other artists and still execute a specific vision. He truly solidifies his concept of INTERNETPOP through a highly diverse project that only marks the beginning of his growth.

To really capture griffin drew’s essence and the intricacy of INTERNETPOP, you just have to listen to the music. His words come from a genuine place to reach and inspire others while also healing and motivating himself. He may not have it all figured out yet but he’s willing to stand up and try, and he wants other creatives to do the same. griff has amazing support with the INTERNETPOP collective, and Cincinnati is only his first stop in his future destination.

*griffin drew was previously griff

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