Episode 12, Season 2

Jaybee Lamahj: Where's the Phonk?

Welcome back for another episode of Mind the Method where we follow Jhamal Sambola also known as JayBee Lamahj. Originally from Cincinnati, JayBee has grown within the music community with a special vibe – the PHONK. He has 3 impressive projects under his belt already with a new one the way titled Nostalgia Supreme. He writes, he raps, he sings, all for the purpose of connecting to others and leaving behind a legacy. For his live performances, he’s often accompanied by a group of talented musicians that he brings together under the name THE PHONK. Amari Eman, Josh Strange, Cameron Brown, Joseph Sutton, Smokeface, and Kelby Savage are a few of the members that help bring his vision to life when he takes the stage.

With his musical inspirations ranging from Teddy Pendergrass to Kendrick Lamar, it’s no wonder that JayBee Lamahj’s music has a little something for everybody. Whether it’s groovy, nostalgic, or introspective JayBee makes sure every song is solid with the lyrics from start to finish. Like all artists, he’s had his low points and creative slumps. But his desire to make an impact on others won’t allow him to stay down for long. He shows us that the music will always come, you just have to be ready for it when it hits you.

JayBee Lamahj has passion, grit, integrity, but most importantly he has soul. There are plenty of things he’s working to improve, but in the meantime he’s giving his all into the work he’s doing now. He’s not afraid to talk about the things that most people won’t and his loved one, peers, and his own drive push him to be better than he was the day before. JayBee will always bring that special PHONK for those who listen; speaking his truth and laying down stories over some dope a** beats.

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