Episode 13, Season 2

Patterns of Chaos: No Cool Kids Allowed

For the season finale we had a blast working with the eccentric music group Patterns of Chaos, or POC for short. What started as an urge for something new turned into a magical trio of beats, bars, and a cello. Stallitix, Jay Hill, and Toph are three unique individuals that come together to create a completely different atmosphere. From hip hop to soul to Japanese jazz, there’s no limit to what they will tap into for creative inspiration. POC hasn’t been a group for too long and they have already gone on tour, were nominated for local awards, and currently run two residencies in the city of Cincinnati. As they work to release an upcoming album they stay busy by performing, collaborating, and creating opportunities in their music community.

Each person brings something essential to the group, from their personality to their music ability. They share quite a few things in common but one seems to stand out the most: they’re weird and they’re fine with it. They don’t seek understanding and embrace the challenges that come with being different. Their music, their performances, their overall energy is centered on being true to yourself and being free to express it. They’re not perfect nor do they claim to be. They live in the moment, figuring out life and music as they go, and take full advantage of every opportunity to make an impact.

Patterns of Chaos is working to be the change that they want to see in the community. They want to try new things and make cool stuff and have fun in the process. POC isn’t just for hip hop, or punk, or nerds, it’s for everyone who enjoys being who they are and not caring what the world has to say about it. The following POC has is proof that their work is needed and appreciated, and it’s only a matter a time before the spark that they have grows into nationwide admiration.

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